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Reykjavik Private Chauffeuring

Reykjavik Private Chauffeuring
Iceland is often on the bucket list of worldwide traveler’s, and no wonder, since the nature of this island in the North-Atlantic is one of a kind. It’s hard to find a better place to enjoy either the beautiful Northern Lights, the incredible midnight sun or the vast landscape.
What better way to enjoy Iceland and its capital, beautiful Reykjavik, than with a private chauffeur at your command. There’s no need to spend the day walking to all of the museums and many different attractions around the city. We at TripZig offer local expert driver and guides in our Toyota vehicles and we can show you around the city and/or country in style.
You can always have a driver on standby to bring you to the Blue Lagoon or to see the stunning Geysir geothermal area. Just book through our website and enjoy Iceland in the utmost comfort.

Holiday transfers
Having a holiday/vacation means resting and having a break from everything, including driving. Luckily, our company offers another option for those traveling either alone or with their family. Why not book holiday/vacation transfers with TripZig?


Business transfers

Do you need a vehicle and a driver for business purposes?
We can help.

Private Chauffeur Transfers
A private chauffeur is essential especially if your company or employer is not planning to hire one. You will not have to pay benefit taxes for it. You only spend money on private transfers.

Business Travel Management
Business Travel Management offers support for active and demanding business travelers, ranging from individuals to larger delegations.

• Every aspect of your trip taken care of
We offer a wide range of services related to Business Travel Management. Think of e.g. chauffeur service for transfers from various airports around Iceland, arranging accommodation, finding the perfect locations for lunch and dinner and much more. We are operating at the highest level of service and know what it takes to offer clients a carefree business trip.

• The best choice for any PA or Manager
Without a network of reliable partners and suppliers abroad. Business Travel can be difficult to manage remotely. We are there to guarantee quality of service in Iceland. We can guarantee optimal control over every aspect of the trip and short lines of communication.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pickup from Reykjavik and surrounding areas.
DEPARTURE TIME At your choosing
Private vehicle.
Local transportation

Local driver

NOT INCLUDED Driver gratuity
Water bottle

Reykjavik Private Chauffeuring.

Is a very simple, easy, and comfortable way to travel.

The drive is in a private vehicle and with a local driver. 

Are you traveling with more than 7 passengers in a group?

Traveling with a load of bags and suitcases, and are in need of special transport only for the load?

Any other questions? 

For further information please contact us today by e-mail, [email protected].

We will respond as soon as possible.

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Keflavik International airport