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Kringlan Shopping Mall, Reykjavik Capital, Smáralind Shopping Mall
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Reykjavik Shopping Private Tour

Do you want to experience a shopping spree in Iceland? Then you’ve come to the right site!
These are the stops in Reykjavik Shopping Private Tour.

Kringlan mall.

The first stop is the Kinglan Mall. Kringlan is the biggest shopping mall in Reykjavík city. The mall offers a wide variety of over 150 shops, 23 places to eat at, and various services.
At Kringlan, you will find everything from a public library and a cinema to some of the city’s finest fashion shops and restaurants. Be sure to make a great deal in Kringla’s friendly and relaxing atmosphere. You’ll always find what you’re looking for in Kringlan!

Smáralind mall.

Smáralind is one of the largest shopping malls in Iceland. In Smáralind, you’ll find over 90 shops and companies on three floors. They have an outstanding range of world-renowned labels. Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, a pharmacy, an ice cream parlor, multi-screen cinema, and a fully equipped gym. Ice wear, Body Shop, Dúka, Lindex, H&M, Espirit, Lego, Levi´s, and New Yorkers.

Hafnartorg square

A mix of shops, cafés, and restaurants, besides residential apartments and modern office spaces, the Harbour Square design answers the need for office, retail, and living spaces in the contemporary downtown Reykjavík area.

Hugo Boss, Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rolex, Tag, Ray-Ban, and Burberry, Levi´s, North Face, and 66° North among other stores.

Grandagarður Harbour area.

Just beside the city center lies Reykjavík’s old harbor area known as Grandi. Initially, the land was just a stretch of sand connecting Reykjavík to Örfirisey island but has been added considerably in the years since. Now the old harbor is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Reykjavík. It still holds its dockside charm, and you can still feel the fishing industry’s presence. Still, a steadily increasing number of museums, hip restaurants, and artisans’ workshops have made their home in the vacated industrial houses, making Grandi one of the hottest places in the city. Omnom chocolate factory, Valdís ice-cream store, and Flatey Pizzeria.

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We take you to the shopping centers of the capital area, where you can window shop for your pleasure or browse through the selection of stores to find that special item.

If you want to plan ahead and are interested in a certain specific type of clothes, outdoor equipment, or something else.

You can go to all of them or you can choose only to stop in one place.


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Kringlan mall.

Around 100 stores in all sizes.

66°north, Nike Air, Body Shop, Lindex, H&M, Dressman clothes, and Ecco shoes.

Smáralind mall.

Around 80 stores in all sizes.

Ice wear, Body Shop, Dúka, Lindex, H&M, Espirit, Lego, Levi´s, and New Yorkers.

Hafnartorg square

Around 10 stores. Famous designers.

Hugo Boss, Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, Rolex, Tag, Ray-Ban, and Burberry.

Grandagarður Harbour area.

Uprising area with a mix of attractions.

Omnom chocolate factory, Valdis ice-cream store, Flatey Pizzeria.

Smáralind shopping mall
Smáralind shopping mall
Smáralind shopping mal
Reykjavik shopping private tour
Smáralind shopping mal
Reykjavik Shopping private tour