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6,5 hours
Fjórhjól Þorlákshöfn, Gróðurhúsið Hveragerði, Mega Zip line Hveragerði, Raufarhólshellir
Very easy

Adventure Tour

Enjoy this amazing adventure tour with adrenaline rush and WOW factors.

Adventure tour with adrenaline rush and WOW.
Starting the day by passing by Icelands largest geothermal power station/plant producing 700MW of geothermal power, supplying Reykjavik with hot water and electricity.
Passing over the tectonic plate boundary, also known as the North Atlantic Ridge that crosses the country from southwest to the north east and is the reason for volcanic activity and geothermal energy in Iceland.
Driving through the small town of Hveragerði where the first stop of the day is, The Mega Zip Line.
Here is where you get the adrenaline rush of the tour.
Icelands longest Zipline 1km/3/4mi long dropping 150m/500ft
From here the drive takes us to the town of Þorlákshöfn, where a bit more of adrenaline is pumped through your veins as you ride an ATV on the black sandy beach just by the waterline of the North Atlantic Ocean.
As this should have calmed you down a bit from The Zip Line, it is time for lunch as we backtrack to Hveragerði again, for lunch in the food-hall namer Gróðuhúsið og the greenhouse, as there where greenhouses and a florist where many Icelanders bought their garden plants until it unfortunately burned down in 2011.

Now it is time for the big WOW as we go to Raufarhólshellir also known as the Lava-tunnel.
Here it is time for some cave diving in a former lava-tunnel, where molten magma passed through in an eruption in the mountains around that happened some 5600 years ago.
This tunnel/cave is the 4th longest cave in Iceland and reaches 1360m or 4460ft down into the lava-field above.
As the tour comes to an end you will be dropped off at your pick up location or where you wish with in the city centre.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Pick up at request location. It costs 1.500 ISK if needed a pickup to the departure location.
DEPARTURE TIME Please be ready by 9:45 AM (9:30 AM if with pickup) for a prompt departure at 10:00
6,5 hour long tour.
Professional tourist guide.

Comfortable vehicle.

Language English.

2 bad jokes.

Meals and entrance fees in extra stops.
Guide gratuity

Are children traveling in the group?

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Price per Passenger54.900 ISK

Enjoy this amazing adventure tour with adrenaline rush and WOW factors.

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